What’s Behind Cool Roof Technology?

What’s Behind Cool Roof Technology?

Cool Roof Technology is designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a conventional roof. The technology was developed in anticipation of higher efficiency regulations within the California market.

Title 24 is the Energy Code that went into effect in 2014, which mandates that homes and commercial buildings upgrade their roofing systems and incorporate products that will reduce the urban “heat island” effect that is impacting many cities while reducing overall energy consumption.

Owens Corning “Cool Roof” roofing system is a leading innovator in roofing systems and technology that delivers a solution to accommodate this law while providing the marketplace a long-term energy efficient investment solution. Just like lighter clothing reflects the suns heat while darker colors hold the heat, the the same is also true for your home’s roof. A dark roof will absorb more heat and light than a lighter colored roof.

The Owens Corning “Cool Roof” product lines provide a high-quality shingle that incorporates solar-reflecting granules to maximize a roof’s solar reflectance and thermal emittance. This shingle does not differ from the form of asphalt in its production; however, they incorporate a specially engineered infrared reflective coating. This technology deflects the sun’s heat back to the sky rather than being transferred to the building below.

The various product lines offer several color options to choose from through Owens Corning. In the past, it was only possible to produce shingles that meet ENERGY STAR and other standards with a White shingle. The overall benefits of this technology to the consumer is the reduced energy consumption, a more aesthetically appealing roofline, as well as the availability of energy lending programs like PACE financing that make the investment affordable.

To learn more about cool roof technology and see if you qualify for financial assistance programs please contact our home remodeling experts today.

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