How Much Should A Roof Replacement Cost?

Residential roof replacement costs in the Northern California market depend on several variables for the consumer. The variables that affect new roof prices reflect the integrity & value of the Licensed Contractor and the quality of the roofing system proposed. Unfortunately, homeowners perceive roof replacements as a utilitarian investment, unlike remodeling their kitchen or bathroom and fail to put stock in being educated on all their options so that their dollar goes the furthest.

One important detail that homeowners should take into consideration is what shingle type makes the most sense to maximize your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. Should a homeowner pay extra for a higher quality shingle so that in the event they sell their home they get maximum value for their home? When viewed through the lens of maximizing ROI, the answer is always yes, however we understand there are other factors which tie into a homeowners decision about how much to spend on a new roof.

One thing that you must understand is that not all roofing contractors are created equally. Approximately 1% of the roofing contractors have strategic relationships with their manufacturers that afford the homeowner the maximum warranty protection and long-term peace-of-mind. Contractor’s who offer this value to the market are usually more expensive because they are brick and mortar, have systems and processes for overall smooth project management, and offer unique financial tools that aid in affordability.

The best way for a homeowner to gauge the marketplace for roof replacement costs would be to refer to the annual report issued by Remodeling Magazine. This report pulls data from local markets to present the average cost for various project types with the resale value of that project. For example, the average “Midrange” Roof Replacement in the Sacramento market for 2016 was $21,806 with an 83.5% Resale Value on that investment if the home sold after the completed project. This cost obviously does not reflect a “Chuck in a truck” contractor installing the cheapest shingles available in our market, but the average of Roofing investments made in the Sacramento area.

The bottom line is the homeowner needs to determine what they value and align that value system with the right product and services that will accomplish their goals. Ultimately, the consumer will generally get what they pay for in terms of having their expectations for their roofing project met. Once a homeowner decides not to skimp on the quality of their new roof, we recommend they get in touch with us to find out how much in green energy financing they may qualify to receive.

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